Working with 2e Architects

Every successful project begins the exact same way. Listening. I ask question after question in an effort to truly understand my clients and their needs.

Peter Twohy, Principal

After the initial conversation with my clients concerning their project, an interesting thing happens. They are astounded by the number of questions I ask.

Why? Interesting, please elaborate. That’s great, why do you want that?

If I understand thoroughly what my client needs, then I can offer a range of solutions. The range of solutions increases dramatically, while becoming much more personal, when I understand why my clients need what they need. My goal is to attain a level of understanding such that I can design for all clients as if they were architects and designing for themselves.

The Project Portfolios show a very wide range of homes, some which had generous budgets and others where money was tight, but they all have three things in common.

  1. All clients are very satisfied with their new or transformed home.
  2. The flow of each project is carefully orchestrated so that the home “lives” well.
  3. Each home is beautiful.

The major difference you will experience by working with 2e Architects is both the quality and the quantity of 3D Drawings that you will see of your home well before constructions starts. Regular architectural drawings – Plans, Sections and Elevations – are necessary for Building Permits and construction, but not always helpful for making design decisions. To solve this problem we offer an unlimited number of 3D Drawings. These 3D Drawings will clarify rather than confuse the issues and give you more confidence with every design decision. See 3d by 2e for a video and more details.

Our clients typically have an interest in quality architectural design. Often they have looked at many, many houses with a realtor and have not found their home.

About Peter Twohy

Peter received his Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Notre Dame in 1988.

In 1991 he moved to Germany, learned enough German to work as one of the lead designers of a German firm, Diniaware Architects in Königstein for more than 2 years.

Peter then moved to Baltimore and worked for one of the premiere residential architects in the area. There he learned and honed the craft of designing beautiful client focused homes.

He opened 2e Architects in 2005.