Looking to find an architect in the Baltimore area? Do you have questions about how to get started with designing your luxury home? 2e Architects has created this resource page of guidebooks and video tutorials about how to find, hire, and work with architects and contractors.

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Selecting the Right Architect for Your Luxury Home

If you’ve asked yourself these questions: “how to find an Architect?” or “how to find the best architect in Baltimore?” then this guidebook is for you. We detail how to find and select an architect and what to expect and look for in the professional with whom you will be designing and building your dream home.

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Selecting the Right Contractor for Your Luxury Home

Building your dream home requires a strong partnership between your architect and builder. One with mutual respect and appreciation for each others craft. This guidebook contains detailed questions to ask to when trying find, interview, and select the best home contractors and builders in the Greater Baltimore Area.

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2e Architect Articles

“Why are all Net-Zero homes so %#$@%* UGLY ?!?!?!”


2e Architect Videos

I have also included some videos of my own, intended to supplement the CRAN videos, to offer additional knowledge and to bring up additional questions (by the way, my son produced these the summer before his junior year in high school).

How, exactly, does 2e Architects achieve their goal of ecstatic clients, part one?

How, exactly, does 2e Architects achieve their goal of ecstatic clients, part two?

How does 2e Architects protect and maximize the two investments that you make in your home?

What makes 2e Architects Different?
How Would You Select an Architect?
What is Your Approach to Design?
How does 2e Architects deal with ‘Crazy’ Clients?
What is the importance of Materials and Details?
How do you translate Clients’ ideas into their homes?

AIA – CRAN Videos

For many, constructing a new home or substantially renovating an existing one is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so naturally the process is not always clear. Here are five videos from CRAN, Custom Residential Architect’s Network. CRAN is a Knowledge Community of the AIA (American Institute of Architects) that develops information to benefit architects and their clients alike. Each of CRAN’s videos is relatively short, very informative and from a trusted source.

The Architect’s Education

Who Needs an Architect?

How to Choose and Architect for Your Project

The Client’s Role for a Successful Residential Project

What should your house look like?