Virtual Reality Home Design Tours

2e Architects is on the cutting edge of architectural design through our trail-blazing use of Virtual Reality technology to model in vivid color our clients home design. Our motto of Virtual Before Actual™ means our clients are interacting with fullsize models of their home through walkthrough videos and the immersive experience of putting on Virtual Reality goggles. Below is a collection of real client presentations of their homes while in development. These videos are shortened examples from the original 8-10 minutes videos they saw. While amazing, these video presentations are still nothing like putting on the Virtual Reality goggles. Enjoy this selection of home tours from past projects and homes currently in the works.

“WOW. This is amazing. I can not believe I can see everything! I’ve seen all of the drawings and the videos, but with this I truly get it.”

2e Architects Client after putting on the VR goggles



Beach Home

The Waterfall Home

Chesapeake Bay Home

David & Lisa’s Home

Keith & Whitney’s Home

Modern Farmhouse

Zach & Sam’s home

Jill and Greg’s Home

3D renderings are awesome, and with virtual reality, you can now experience the flow from space to space as you walk through each room. “Feel” what it will be like moving from the kitchen to the dining room. Take a closer look into the corner and out the window at your amazing views; look at ceiling heights and roof angles. Understand the relationship from your entry to the mudroom and how everyday interactions in your home will be. This is such a powerful tool to enable us to work through design concepts and refine design ideas.

Along with unlimited 3D renderings for clients and photo realistic renderings, virtual reality tours make for the ultimate toolkit to ensure our clients completely understand their home project so that they can make confident decisions about the design.