We hired Peter a little over a year ago to redesign a large (8000sqft) “aesthetically challenged” home in an ideal location. It was a complicated project, and I am probably more opinionated than many clients, but Peter is a joy to work with and extremely patient. He had a beautiful vision, which has ended up being just right for our family and truly is our dream home. The home functions very well ( we have been in about 2 months) and is gorgeous. Peter listened carefully to the things that were important to our family and definitely made those a priority, even while working within the constraints of a bizarrely built original home. He is still helpful and involved when needed. I recommend him highly and can’t wait to see pictures of the finished house on this site!

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Michelle and Greg

We hired Peter Twohy to design an extensive renovation to our quirky 90-year-old home. It was our goal to blend the old with the new and Peter superbly addressed the circumstances. He listened intently during the design process and was always available when problems arose. He also was involved on-site throughout the building process. It was clear he really cared that the project was a success and that we were 100 percent satisfied. We have no doubt about giving him the highest possible rating.

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Mary Wynne and John

I love my home every time I walk in the door. Working with 2e Architects was fantastic. The design is amazing and takes full advantage of our picturesque views of the Baltimore countryside. These vistas were carefully choreographed as well as many interior vistas and have made living in my home a true delight. My home is incredibly practical and it is even more beautiful. It works for my family, whether all of my kids are visiting for a holiday or it’s just my husband and me. The home works for entertaining when we have invited a few couples over for dinner or when we are having a big party with 50+ people. My home is never too big or too small.

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When we’d started the project, I’d set an aggressive schedule for 2e Architects which they were able to meet. In Peter’s practice he uses 3D renderings to show every angle of the house inside and out before construction. Because I could so clearly see and understand what Peter had intended, we were able to keep the fast paced schedule and I was thrilled. In fact, I think the 3D renderings helped my contractor better understand the project too. All the ideas were very clearly shown and therefore could be discussed in great detail.

On site, Peter worked very well with my contractors. Peter once said that ‘architecture is a team sport,’ and that is how he works. I believe he wants everyone’s ideas and then sifts through them with the lens of whatever works best for the client.

Peter will tell you all about the unlimited 3D drawings (and they were great) but there are really three reasons to hire 2e Architects… the first is his ability to design a beautiful and practical home, the second is the pace of his work, and the third is his ability to collaborate. The 3D drawings reinforce the high quality of Peter’s skill and professionalism.

I highly recommend 2e Architects.

Karen and James

Peter Twohy=
extremely talented
team player
great listener
positive attitude
detail oriented
the best person for the job!!

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For us, the main advantage to working with Peter is that he LISTENS. And he doesn’t just listen long enough to convince you of his own ideas, but instead listens to what you want from your home, how you plan to use it, and then incorporates that into his many ideas. He sketched idea after idea because while he has the vision to see how it would look to reconfigure two bathrooms and a laundry room, we definitely needed pictures! Even the ideas we discarded with Peter were better than ideas we could come up with on our own.

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Our house was a dark 1960’s relic when we started and now it is a mid century modern with natural light and livability. We made major improvements in the flow by removing walls and widening doorways in the living areas, and moving walls so that we could divide the bedrooms and bathrooms in a way that made sense for us now. For example, we wanted to add a tub to one bathroom and a shower to another, so after many ideas were discussed, we took a closet from an adjoining bedroom (and rebuilt another closet in there), and moved the sink in the laundry room to give us the extra space in both bathrooms. That was a scenario we couldn’t have developed on our own. In another example, we were concerned that the pillars we used to replace the wall to our dining room would appear to be in the middle of our hallway. This was simply something we could not picture until it was done. Fortunately, it was exactly the value that Peter was able to bring… the ability to visualize what major structural changes, and this one in particular, would look and feel like as you moved through the house.

What surprised us most was the value of using an architect in a renovation project. By eliminating unworkable ideas that initially sounded viable to us, or by supplying ideas that would not have occurred to us, we saved significant rework costs from the trial-and-error approach with just a contractor.

Laura and Ted

We recently worked with Peter on a major renovation to our Towson home. For several years we had been debating whether to move to a new house, but really loved our neighborhood. Once we committed to staying, we met with Peter and the whole experience could not have been better. We had a challenging wishlist given the original configuration of the house. Peter spent the first couple of hours simply getting to know us and how we lived each day, and based on that came up with additional suggestions that I would never have considered. I still remember him saying “it sounds like you have been adjusting your lifestyle to your house, and now we want to make the house fit your lifestyle.” I honestly did not think it would be possible to achieve our goals, but he was able to incorporate everything on our wishlist, and did it within a reasonable budget. From that first planning meeting and throughout the project, Peter was always ready to help with new ideas and modifications, and worked seamlessly with the builder to make it a success. We would absolutely hire 2E Architects in the future and highly recommend them to anyone considering a home renovation or new build.

Ryan and Erin

2e Architects has done a couple jobs for my wife and me. One large and one small. In both cases Peter (the principle) did a great job really listening and probing to get a good understanding of what WE wanted. We highly recommend this firm to homeowners in the Baltimore area looking to renovate or build. His designs saved us money by building it right the first time!

David and Wendy

Peter Twohy was the architect for the remodel of our master bathroom. With his numerous inquiries, Peter carefully listened to our needs and wishes. He had an astute attention to detail and offered many options to find the right plan for us. Peter’s vision, talent and expertise helped create a beautiful, yet practical spa like master bathroom retreat. An added bonus using Peter was that he was a pleasure to work with! We look forward to using him for projects in the future.

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Kathi and Mike

My husband and I did a remodel of our first floor. Peter was great guiding us every step of the way and all the while encouraging us to remain true to our dream! He was infinitely patient as we took a few turns on the design side but in the end, it was worth it. As Peter would say “You got here (what you really wanted) because you took the detours and discovered what really worked for you”. From concept, drawings, contractor selections, construction and finally project completion, Peter was there reassuring us with his presence that all would turn out well. The project was completed within the original projected time frame and we absolutely love the finished product!

I would highly recommend 2e Architects for your project. Peter will provide professional services but will care about the project as if it was his own home.

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Barb and Frank

Peter made the process of designing and building our home fun. He engaged us in defining the home we wanted. As he said himself, you should get the home you want and it’s my job to make it beautiful. He was right on both fronts. Peter had the design sense to create our home, one that is beautiful and reflects who we are and how we live. He gave us the confidence to make the many decisions that arose along the way and he was always there, from the beginning to the final completion of the building. We love our new home and we loved the process of creating it with Peter.

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Judy and Craig

2e Architects helped us redesign the first floor of our home using our existing space. We did not want a huge addition .We now have a beautiful new kitchen and family room( converted our screened in porch)with fire place,and a new mud room and relocated laundry room on the first floor. Peter was professional and very easy to work with and attentive to our needs and wants. The budget was on target and the assistance with resources was great. They had lists of vendors and many many resources for ideas. Email or phone communication was prompt. I have recommended 2eArchitects to several friends who have been just as happy with the work as we were! The space is now how we really wanted it to be but didn’t know how to achieve it ourselves.

Tim and Joanne

When you consider 2e Architects, think “Light”! We discovered Peter Twohy at the Maryland House and Garden Show in Timonium, Maryland and liked what we saw of his work which was on display through pictures. We decided to ask him to help us by designing an addition to our current house that would basically double its size. One of the first things he did was to determine the direction of the sun’s travel, winter and summer, in relation to the current house and site. The entire addition was designed to get the maximum amount of natural light into the house as possible. The result is that from morning to evening, we enjoy the most pleasant natural light filtering into the house, and beautiful views from every window, whether toward the woods or the river we are near. Even in the kitchen, with it’s northerly exposure, we can often cook and eat without turning on an artificial light. We love the result.

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Peter also took the time to determine our personal preferences on many issues, from architectural style to living patterns, and incorporated all that information into the design of the addition. As a result of that careful work, the house serves our lifestyle very well, and we have been enjoying it every bit as much as we had hoped.

We were also helped immensely by the recommendations he made for everything from materials and sources to contractors. One of these recommendations became our contractor for the project, and we have been very pleased.

One of the biggest challenges of our project was the integration of the original house (best described as Japanese modern a la 1950’s) with the new addition and the charge to give the whole thing a “beachy” feel. Peter did that beautifully, and the result is attested to by the fact that there has been nothing but high praise from everyone in the community for what has been done.

Ron and Becky

Peter is wonderful to work with. He takes your vision and makes it a reality. His years of experience are evident in his designs and he offers many options from which to choose. He works closely with you and will give you his personal opinion of what works well and no so well. He provides assistance and support when needed, but is not over-bearing. Peter has done a 4 story addition, a kitchen remodel and is getting is ready to start on a pool house for our family. We highly recommend 2e Architects for any project.

Corrie and Billy

Peter Twohy of 2e architects was engaged to transform a 33 year old ranch, situated on a large wooded lot, into a contemporary and timeless home that merged the setting with the interior. Peter succeeded in getting to know our preferences, priorities and esthetic and in translating our ideas into reality. This was our first experience working with an architect, and we felt that Peter was welcoming of new ideas and open to differences of opinion but also appropriately directive when he believed we were making a mistake. He was effective in helping the builder and engineer work as a team and to keep the project (mostly) within budget. The result was a home and an experience that far exceeded our expectations.

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Valerie and Jonathan

We searched for several years to find someone who really understood what we were trying to do with our renovation. Actually, I think he understood what was needed even before we did. Peter really listened. Then he was able to create several beautiful options for our family using his expertise and artistry. He was on top of the entire project when it was underway. The contractor worked directly with Peter to make certain that the finished product was as we envisioned…no…better. Our project’s been done for more than a year and still, I have to stop and stare. Peter is top notch. We are honored to know him.

Laura and Dan

My wife and I hired Peter to re-design our house on the Sassafras River. The re-design included an entirely new second floor as well as a total remodeling of the first floor. Completing this project was more difficult than might ordinarily be the case because of zoning and critical area regulations and my wife’s disability. Not only was the design spectacular, but Peter was of great assistance in helping us comply with those regulations, choose a contractor and resolving the unforeseen problems that are part of any major renovation. The end result: a beautiful weekend home that was delivered on time and within budget. 

Jeff and Janice

Peter has been the dream architect to work with! He was able to turn a completely unusable upstairs attic space (with no HVAC and two tiny windows) into a large, bright, open home office area that is full of natural light.

Peter began by speaking to us at length about how we intended to use the space and took our vague, abstract ideas, improved upon them and produced a spectacular new living area for us. This is now our favorite part of the house and we use it for both work and relaxation! Peter gave us over 25% more usable space while taking full advantage of the gorgeous views of the river in our backyard. The new dormers look as though they were part of the original design of the house while giving us an updated look. We felt very much a part of the design team with Peter expertly guiding us to decisions that were correct for us and our tastes. We enjoyed working with Peter so much that he is again guiding us through Phase II the renovations. THANKS SO MUCH!

Diane and Phil

Peter created stunning architectural plans for me on two homes; two projects. The first was a modern design of a new exterior for a ranch-style home that included an expanded carport, entry and screened-in porch. Sounds simple, but it wasn’t. The second was a traditional design with a modern flair of an interior in a Dutch-Colonial that included a family room, bath and kitchen. I loved working with him and sharing ideas on every aspect of the two projects. He is genuinely excited by the entire design process, down to the smallest detail. Plus, he’s very funny! Always great to laugh when you work.


We worked with Peter to design a garage addition, and were impressed with his thorough approach to the work. His first order of business was to listen to our wishes, determine what was important to us, and get an understanding of our aesthetic sense. He then incorporated all of that into his design. His ability to communicate the rationale for his decisions, and willingness to share what he deemed crucial, versus a choice that could be equally beautiful had he made a different choice, was outstanding.

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He is probably the most intelligent design professional one could ever meet, and the most persistent in his desire to please his clients without compromising his expert sense of design. He is truly in a class by himself!

Cynthia and Geoff

I have worked with Peter Twohy of 2e Architects on many projects. I am a contractor who has experienced Peter working with clients in the design of their project as well as working with me in keeping the project within budget . He always finds the balance between good design and making the project enjoyable for the client. I highly recommend him to those looking for a very capable architect.

Rick Batton· F C Batton and Son, Inc.

I am a Certified Kitchen and Bath Designer who has worked with Peter on many projects over the last several years. I find him to be one of those rare breed of Architects that truly listens to the clients wants, needs, and desires. He has incredible vision for what each client is searching for and has a knack for incorporating special design solutions specifically for each project. He always gives superior attention to details, even considering the natural sunlight for every site and gives his clients choices involving every aspect of each project. He also has the ability to “dovetail” the different contractors involved in the project with guiding precision. A true professional!

Dave Rackl· Rackl Christopher Associates, Inc. · Complete kitchen & bath design

Peter Twohy of 2e Architects has been working on a signature style of his own over the past several years, with respect to a wide variety of residential home improvements and expansions, both large and small. His designs have reached a maturity level that distinguish themselves from the pack with a comprehensive understanding of the building components in residential design, an inherent visual understanding of light and color, a firm grasp on planning concepts, and a terrific sense of spatial relationships.

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Although it is a bit premature to consider his style to be iconic, he has developed a design vocabulary that embraces large-scale windows in creative patterns, high ceilings with exposed structural elements, natural exterior finishes such as riverbed stones, and exotic and contemporary material selections for interior finishes, e.g. concrete flooring and rustic, weathered wood cabinets.

Mr. Twohy does all of the above without an infusion of his own ego. He is acutely sensitive to his client’s interests and visions and works diligently to incorporate their needs, their aesthetics and their personal preferences for home design into the finished product. And finally, Mr. Twohy brings his projects in on budget and on time. No questions asked

David Puretz· DMP Architects, Los Angeles, CA