Peter Twohy of 2e Architects, Luxury home architect in the Baltimore and Annapolis area

Peter Twohy, Principal Architect

About Peter Twohy

Peter Twohy, Principal of 2e Architects, is an award-winning residential architect who specializes in designing custom homes in the mid-Atlantic region. Peter’s home designs focus on elevating the lifestyle and enjoyment his clients have in their home from traditional or modern to the custom aesthetic his clients seek. He believes that the most beautiful home in the world is the one custom designed for you. Each luxury home he designs is unique and tailored to a client’s sensibilities.

Peter has transformed his practice over the past ten years to include cutting-edge design technology, which at first was 3-D renderings but has now become near-to-real-life virtual reality experiences for his clients. Unique amongst other architects in the Mid-Atlantic, this technology isn’t just “cool” but has become an essential part in delivering the high-caliber design Peter is known for. Virtual Reality technology allows clients to be fully immersed in the design of their home. Step inside, walk around, look out a window, have a seat—all things possible because of the virtual reality visualization Peter helped to pioneer. Peter knew that with the power of this technology, clients would have the clearest understanding of their design, would act with certainty when making decisions, and would become informed contributors to the design of their home, all of which would result in unsurpassed satisfaction with the built environment.

Once Peter saw the power of this awesome technology, he began to share his innovation. Peter has brought the transformative power of virtual reality to architects around the globe. Peter is recognized as an innovator and is invited to speak about Virtual Reality at conferences, on PodCasts, and during seminars. GRAPHISOFT, the firm behind the software 2e Architects uses to create Virtual Reality designs, recently recognized Peter’s trail-blazing work. Due to the demand for Peter’s leadership, he took the extraordinary step of creating a specialized training seminar for other architects. So far, he has educated more than 1,500 architects in the art of using Virtual Reality in architecture as a tool to ensure customer involvement and greater satisfaction. Through his outreach, Peter is changing residential architecture by teaching other architects how to enhance their design skills.

Peter’s firm focuses on Maryland and the Mid-Atlantic region, including Baltimore, Annapolis, Arlington, Washington DC, and homes on the Chesapeake Bay.

Peter received his Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Notre Dame in 1988. In 1991, he moved to Germany and learned enough German to work as one of the lead designers of a German firm, Diniaware Architects in Königstein, for more than 2 years. Peter then moved to Baltimore and worked for one of the premiere residential architects in the area. There, he honed the craft of designing beautiful, client-focused homes. Peter opened 2e Architects in 2005.


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