The most beautiful home in the world,
is the one especially designed for you…

Led by Founder and Principal Architect, Peter Twohy, 2e Architects specializes in new homes, whole house remodels, and country estates in the Mid-Atlantic region.  We design luxury homes for discerning clients in Baltimore, Annapolis, Arlington, Washington DC, and homes on the Chesapeake Bay. Core to our design philosophy is gaining a deep understanding of our clients needs, hopes, and dreams. We are committed to discovering the definition of home for them and have developed a design process rooted in revealing what will make a house a home for them.

We are a high-tech architectural firm and we use cutting edge technology to help our clients understand and visualize their home design. Virtual Before Actual™ is the 2e Architects’ “golden rule” of architecture. By allowing clients to see, feel, and interact with their home design they will be more informed and feel confident in the decisions they are making about their home. No more guessing or leaving it up to interpretation using standard architectural drawings. 2e Architects has pioneered the use of Virtual Reality technology, built on 3D renderings, and photo-realistic renderings. Learn about how using Virtual Reality is the best way to design a custom home.

Free webinar video from 2e ArchitectsWorking with an architect to design a luxury home, for many, is a once in a lifetime experience. You want the process to be enjoyable, and you also want to ensure that in the end you get the home you have been dreaming of. The process we’ve developed and refined over the past several decades focuses on three core principals that directly impact overall client satisfaction.

  1. Financial
  2. Emotional
  3. Visual

We believe so much in this process and have the successful projects in our Portfolio to prove it works, that we created a TED talk style webinar about these three core components that determine satisfaction in your home design project. We invite you to watch the webinar.

Working with 2e Architects

It’s really important that you find an architect you like and trust to guide you on the journey of the development of a custom home design. It’s equally important that we find clients who value the high quality, custom service we offer, and whose projects are big enough and close enough for us to serve cost-effectively.

Every 2e Architects project begins the exact same way–listening. I ask question after question in an effort to truly understand my clients and their needs. If I understand thoroughly what my client needs, then I can offer a range of solutions for them.


Why? Interesting, please elaborate.
That’s great,
why do you want that?

My clients are always astounded by the number of questions I ask. It’s not a daunting process though, but a thorough and illuminating one. A chance for you to reflect on fond memories and what contributes to your enjoyment in your home. The range of questions and possible design solutions increases dramatically because of these conversations. By digging deep to understand, I can tailor exactly what they need. Let us know when you’re ready to talk and we’ll schedule some time for a free consultation with Principal Architect Peter Twohy.

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