Working with 2e Architects

Working with an architect to design a luxury home in the mid-Atlantic, Baltimore area for many is a once in a lifetime experience. You want the process to be enjoyable, and you also want to ensure that in the end you get the home you have been dreaming of. Over the past several decades I’ve created a winning process to achieve this goal. I focus every design project around three core principals that directly impact overall client satisfaction:

  1. Financial
  2. Emotional
  3. Visual

Asking the Right Questions

Every successful project begins the exact same way. Listening. After the initial conversation with my clients concerning their project, an interesting thing happens. They are astounded by the number of questions I ask.


Why? Interesting, please elaborate. That’s great, why do you want that?

I ask question after question in an effort to truly understand my clients and their needs. If I understand thoroughly what my client needs, then I can offer a range of solutions for their needs. The range of solutions increases dramatically, while becoming much more personal, when I understand why my clients need what they need.

Technology Aided Architectural Design

The major difference you will experience by working with 2e Architects is both the quality and the quantity of 3D Drawings that you will see of your home well before constructions starts. Regular architectural drawings – Plans, Sections and Elevations – are necessary for Building Permits and construction, but not always helpful for making design decisions. To solve this problem we offer an unlimited number of 3D Drawings. These 3D Drawings will clarify rather than confuse the issues and give you more confidence with every design decision. See 3d by 2e for a video and more details.