Fiona is Back from Her Summer Vacation

WARNING: About the Graphic Nature the video and the pictures below–the carnage is real.


I never thought that I would ever say, “I’m so happy to see a dead bird carcass on my window ledge!” And with such glee! The bird – now birds – are/were/and will continue to be Fiona’s food for some time to come.  She is in no danger of starving this week or next week either.


Our blog about Fiona the Falcon (The Fiona Cam) has been a bit quiet these past few months.  Fiona had been absent for maybe 4 months, which made my window ledge tragically clean.  I had wondered if she’d moved on or if something had happened to her.  So, you can imagine my excitement when again I came into by office and saw the carnage on the ledge.

Fiona has even started stopping by again for short afternoon visits.  She lands, calls out (to me?), gets a small snack, rests for maybe 5 minutes, and then flies off.  Her call is beautiful.