Even Architects Need Hobbies

Adding to my list of interests including world travel, electric guitar, and exercise (um, begrudgingly) – I have added bird watching–but just one bird for now. She is a Peregrine Falcon and her name is Fiona. She perches on a ledge directly outside my office window on the 9th floor. She is majestic and gorgeous.

I started with casually observing her, taking some pictures, and posting them to my blog. Then, I decided to purchase a motion-activated video camera because after working late one night, two falcons were huddled up in the corner and I thought I have to see more. In the short time the video camera has been there, I have learned that Fiona sleeps on her ledge most nights, gets up at around 6:15 and flies off by 6:30. She visits me about twice a week during the day. When she lands she calls for about 15 to 30 seconds to announce herself. I’ve captured this on video in “A Conversation Between 2 Falcons.” I’ve also noticed that she is tagged. If anyone knows how to followup on identifying her, please let me know.


The Curiosity of the Falcon…

Sure I could Google about the Falcon and learn how they live, where they nest, how they hunt, but I think in this case it is better to learn by observation and I am excited for this story unfold.  So, let’s all have some fun and learn a little about Peregrine Falcons. ENJOY!