This Whole House Remodel turned an average suburban home into a spectacular Maryland Country Farmhouse design. Again balance was the key, Karen and James wanted a home that was as sophisticated as they are but always casual. Special attention was given to the view. On the first day of the project, Karen took me to the top of a hill and told me that she wanted that view from her Kitchen and the Covered Porch. Our contractor removed the hill. We relocated and then angled the Kitchen to face the brand new view. We then, using very traditional post and beam construction methods, designed the Covered Porch. The yard adjacent to the Covered Porch was designed to accept a large tent for entertaining larger numbers. The transformation was incredible, now the home – without that hill – is perfectly situated on the site and enjoys a very picturesque view.

From the Client

I love my home every time I walk in the door. Working with 2e Architects was fantastic. The design is amazing and takes full advantage of our picturesque views of the Baltimore countryside. These vistas were carefully choreographed as well as many interior vistas and have made living in my home a true delight. My home is incredibly practical and it is even more beautiful. It works for my family, whether all of my kids are visiting for a holiday or it’s just my husband and me. The home works for entertaining when we have invited a few couples over for dinner or when we are having a big party with 50+ people. My home is never too big or too small.

When we’d started the project, I’d set an aggressive schedule for 2e Architects which they were able to meet. In Peter’s practice he uses 3D renderings to show every angle of the house inside and out before construction. Because I could so clearly see and understand what Peter had intended, we were able to keep the fast paced schedule and I was thrilled. In fact, I think the 3D renderings helped my contractor better understand the project too. All the ideas were very clearly shown and therefore could be discussed in great detail.

On site, Peter worked very well with my contractors. Peter once said that ‘architecture is a team sport,’ and that is how he works. I believe he wants everyone’s ideas and then sifts through them with the lens of whatever works best for the client.

Peter will tell you all about the unlimited 3D drawings (and they were great) but there are really three reasons to hire 2e Architects… the first is his ability to design a beautiful and practical home, the second is the pace of his work, and the third is his ability to collaborate. The 3D drawings reinforce the high quality of Peter’s skill and professionalism.

I highly recommend 2e Architects.

Karen and James


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