Peter Twohy’s Profile in Architect News

Architect News profiles Peter Twohy to understand how an inspired thought he had while jogging became the mission of his practice and a key differentiator for his architectural firm and the industry at large.

Learn more about Peter’s background and what inspired him to become an architect and how a family connection gave him a unique start in the industry. Read about how Peter’s innovation in 3D imagery stems from a simple thought:

“It has huge ramifications because if clients can see the design then they can and will make better decisions.” Peter


3D images from Karen & James’ Maryland Countryside Farmhouse Project

Peter’s experience with clients Karen and James is detailed in the Architect News profile. Notice how similar the initial 3D renderings are to what was built.

To see the full profile, download the .pdf version of At 2e Architects, Big Ideas Come in 3D Packages.

Learn more about Karen & James’ home in our Portfolio.

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