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Finding the right architect to work with on the design of your dream home is the most essential part of your home design project. You’ll be working together over the course of many months as you discover what your hopes, dreams, and desires are; and as you collaborate on all of the important details for your new custom home. This guidebook from 2e Architects walks you through the process of finding an architect and then how to select the right architect for your project.
Selecting the Right Architect For Your Luxury Home

Topics include:

  • How to interview an architect.
  • How to determine if the architect is a “style match” for you.
  • How 3D renders are the key to understanding your design project and why you need to insist that your architect providing an unlimited amount of 3D renderings of your project.
  • Why it’s important to know who you’ll be working with on a daily basis (single-architect owned firms versus project architects from large firms and how they differ).
  • Determine what’s common practice for billing and how an architects fees are generally setup.

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