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The most important part of designing a luxury home is making sure that the new home owner has an overwhelming sense of joy and accomplishment when they first open the door to their new home.  Our firm delivers on this pledge through our commitment of listening carefully to our clients hopes, dreams, needs, and desires for their home.  We then use our professional expertise to carefully craft these ideas into a beautiful and perfect home for you.  With a typical architect you would then look at some confusing architectural drawings and then have to wait for construction to begin to really understand what your home will be like.  Not with 2e Archictects.  We use technology to put you right smack in the middle of your home design.  Our process involves the creation of a 3D model of your home and with a pair of Virtual Reality googles, you can instantly immerse yourself in a world where your new home is already built.

We’ve created a new guidebook for our clients to explain how Virtual Reality for home design works and how invaluable this architectural innovation is to the success of your project.  Inside this free guide find:

  • What is Virtual Reality.
  • What are the benefits of using Virtual Reality.
  • How home design using Virtual Reality is leaps and bounds better than the way traditional architects do design
  • Learn about the powerful impact of client feedback when they so clearly understand the design of their home and how designs are superior because of this.
  • Experience the fun of this new technology as you spend time walking in and around your home and explore every corner, sight-line, and vista.

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