At 2e Architects, at the start of every project for every client considering new construction or a whole house remodel and renovation, we begin with a photograph of the house and property as it is. We’ll use this photo to create a point of reference as we build up the 3D model of your new home. For a whole house renovation an element like a chimney acts as a visual anchor, and will help clients imagine how their revised home might look. When build a completely new, custom home, the photo of the property becomes the orientation toward the preferred view or desired angle of the sun as it illuminates different rooms. I normally keep some element (like a chimney) constant. This It also aids us in the discuss of other possibilities. For example, what if this window became a door?

See 3D in action

This video shows the accuracy with which we were able to design Craig and Judy’s Net Zero Home from concept through to build. We walk through before to after and show how useful 3D renderings were in getting the design to be just what these homeowners wanted.

See full details for Jonathan and Valerie’s Whole House Remodel in our Portfolio.

Three or four exterior views are typical for a large renovation–more for new home projects. Once you settle on an exterior design and style of the home, we will continue the process on the inside of the home and create more 3D renderings. Once the entire house is assembled in our software program, we then have the 3D view which allows our clients and contractors to fully understand the home design and within the program we also have all the elements necessary to obtain building permits and create construction blueprints. We just simply have to “flatten” the 3D view into the standard, traditional views of plans, elevations, and sections.

  • The plan view is a horizontal slice of the 3D model which reveals the walls, furniture placements, and window and door locations.
  • The exterior elevations are a side view of that very same 3D model.
  • The sections are the vertical slices.