A Complete Package of Technology-Aided Architecture

Plans, Sections, Elevations: the traditional drawings used by architects to describe their designs, can obscure design ideas rather than illuminate them. Unless you’ve spent lots of time reviewing blueprints, you may find it difficult to understand the drawings well enough to have an active partnership with your architect. 2e Architects has the solution for your next home design project: Virtual Reality views, unlimited 3D Renderings, and Photo-realistic Renderings. At 2e Architects we provide them as a part of all of our projects. Plus, we are continually pushing the envelope with technology to be able to further enhance our clients understanding of their project.


Let’s Face It — Architectural Drawings Can be Confusing. But they don’t have to be, not when you work with 2e Architects.

Imagine being able to see every element of your new home design before construction even starts–from every angle, through different times of the day and seasons of the year. All at your leisure, self-guided and easily viewable on your tablet or computer. Imagine walking-thru rooms, going from outside to in, and then looking out the windows onto your property. Imagine the level of confidence you would have and the certainty in your design choices if you could see everything first–and not just room sizes and locations think details such as fit and finishes. At 2e Architects, we’ve created a package of technology-aided design tools to help with this. Traditional architectural drawings can be hard to interpret, which is why we use the technology of virtual reality home tours, 3D renderings, and photo realistic renderings to create for our clients a complete view of their architectural project.

This advanced technology creates wonderful renderings and 3D models and is a tool to interpret our clients needs and to show in near-real-life conditions what their finished home will look like. The technology is an important complement to our specialized process where we focus on understanding our clients needs and discovering all of their hopes and dreams for their new luxury home.

Virtual Reality Tours of Your Home Design

2e Architects takes the next step in technology-aided design to bring to life their 3D drawings and create virtual reality walkthroughs of your home. This is such a powerful tool to enable us to work through design concepts and refine design ideas such as window placement and ceiling heights and roof angles.

3D renderings are awesome, but with virtual reality, you can now experience the flow from space to space as you walk through each room. “Feel” what it will be like moving from the kitchen to the dining room. Take a closer look into the corner and out the window at your amazing views. You can better understand the relationship from your entry to the mudroom and how everyday interactions in your home will be. We’ve written a free guidebook for our clients to explain how Virtual Reality can be used in your home design projects and the benefits and certainty of using technology aided architectural design.

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3D Renderings, What’s So Great?

Michelle and Greg's Whole House Remodel

3D Front Elevation Rendering

Jonathan and Valerie's Whole House Remodel

3D Front Elevation Rendering

Jonathan and Valerie's Whole House Remodel

3D Interior Rendering

In the early stages of your project, the 3D model is utilized to make 3D renderings to help you visualize your dream … because if you can’t see in your mind’s eye what you’re going to build, all the permits and plans in the world are useless.

There are three pleasant results: First, you will see a three-dimensional image of the renovation and/or addition, which most people find far simpler to work with than plans, sections and elevations. Second, I won’t spend time and you won’t spend money on stand-alone renderings. The best part of this process is that pretty soon most clients soon become quite confident as a collaborator in the design process.

Third, I have found that the 3D images quickly lead to meaningful conversations on design options. Rather than discussing style (which, while important, the 3D image makes obvious), we talk about rhythm, proportion, light and shadow, the use of sunlight as a design element, and the specific views from each window. In this way, you truly collaborate throughout the design process and will see your home before it is ever built.

How Can You Offer Unlimited 3D drawings of My House?

Traditionally 3D renderings have cost hundreds of dollars each, and many architects continue to charge this way today. At 2e Architects, they’re free. Period. There has to be a catch, you say–it can’t be this simple. Well, there used to be a catch–cost–but that has changed.

How is this possible? Instead of spending hours drawing up plans, then sections and then elevations, 2e Architects uses a computer program called ArchiCAD to create a 3D model of your project. Simply put, instead of creating each drawing individually, every drawing is one view or another of the 3D computer model. We can make changes instantly and show the effects without long delays in reviews.

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As innovators in the space of 3D renderings and for offering unlimited versions of the drawings to our clients, we were featured in this Editor’s Note from the April 2013 issue of Chesapeake Home + Living.

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Awesome Photo-Realistic 3D Imagery

Home design using photo-realistic 3D imagery

Using our industry-leading 3D imagery, we’ve added color, light, and texture to create a photo realistic view of your home. This is one more way we help to ‘bring to life’ our clients home designs. Being able to provide this finer level of detail to our renderings only further enhances the confidence our clients have in their understanding of their home project.

The vivid, photo-realistic add a layer of dimension beyond what the 3D views include. We include photos from your building site as the background setting to enhance the perspective

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