AECbytes Article Written by Peter Twohy

AECbytes Architectural Industry Publication features Peter TwohyAs a early adopter with a vision for how to improve the home design process, Peter Twohy was recently asked to be a guest contributor for industry publication, AECbytes. In the article, Peter shares with other architects his experience within his practice using the Twinmotion software to create immersive Virtual Reality for his clients. This powerful tool has transformed the client experience and created a greater understanding of house plans and designs. This has led to greater overall client satisfaction because #1, clients fully understand their home design before construction begins leading to a decrease in costly change orders, but #2, and possibly more important, client engagement has increased. This leads to the development and discussion of all of the little details that make a home the perfect home for his clients. Clients are able to “see” things they never would have in flat 2D plans and can engage and asks questions about flow, space, room volumes, and even the progression of natural light throughout the day.

The full article can be found on the AECbytes website: Virtual Reality for Fun and Profit: Archicad to Twinmotion