What’s it Like to Wear Virtual Reality Googles

Whenever you’re trying something new, people are naturally curious about what it’s going to be like. We have a short video of one of our clients putting on the Virtual Reality goggles and then embarking on a walkthru of her new home design. Clients are amazed at how easy the transition to the digital world is and how lifelike and real everything looks. They are clearly able to see all the details of their home design and to fully understand that impacts of their choices and decisions. We are often left with, “so when will the house be complete?” “This sneak peak makes me love my home even more and I can’t wait to move in!”

It’s just that simple. Slip on the goggles, hold onto the guide stick and you’re all set. We’ll even pull out a chair for you if you want to try sitting down on the couch or at the breakfast table to see the sun streaming as you enjoy your morning coffee.