“Entertainers Dream in Stevenson,” Baltimore Style Magazine

Baltimore Style, November 2016When you work with an architect to design a custom home, the focus is about the life you want to live in the home and the way in which you’ll do it. The exterior walls and the framing of the space and the finishes certainly define the home, but when you have the specific goal of being able to entertain 100 people at a time, you’re definition of home takes on a whole new meaning and this is where the value of an architect becomes most apparent.

“It was a huge challenge to get a house this open to feel cozy” Twohy admits. The final designed proved exactly what the homeowners wanted and needed.

In this article from Baltimore Style, homeowners Amy and Bob discuss their journey of discovering their needs and wants with their custom home. The couple discusses how important traditions are to their family and how the home they live in now is the perfect home for them. 2e Architects designed the home with Jack Horbey, Horbey Custom Builders, Inc. and Michael Hall and John Andersson, Hall & Co., Inc. for interior design. Read the about this custom home in Steveson, MD with an emphasis on entertaining, which required rooms without walls at Baltimore Style titled “Open House.”

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