Fiona in Her Summer Glory

“It’s Summer Time and the Livin’ is Easy”

Here are some pictures I snapped of Fiona this afternoon. The weather is warm outside and the cool shade of the window sill is the perfect spot to rest and wait.


When I first took a look at my new office space, the Realtor mentioned the Falcon who perched outside the office. I think she was worried I wouldn’t like the space because other possible tenants had been turned off by the carnage the bird sometimes left on the window sill. You see, being on the 9th floor, it’s the perfect height for the Falcon and despite the buildings effort to use bird deterrents on the window ledge, the bird has found the perfect corner perch.

There was so much I liked about the new space. It was the perfect location for clients, the size was right, and the closeness to other amenities matched the needs I had. The Falcon wasn’t a negative for me, in fact I was curious to learn more about the raptor. Plus, when you are a sole practitioner, having an office mate seemed like a positive. I’ve name the bird, Fiona.