Impressed with How Awesome 3D Renderings Are

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Editor’s Note
April/May 2013

I love technology. (Except when I hate it, of course.)

When architect Peter Twohy first sent me information about the house we feature in this issue of Chesapeake Home & Living (see page 40), I was captivated by the renderings he included.

First, I was impressed by his vision. His clients had bought a typical, though somewhat tired, home situated in a beautiful area of Baltimore County. They asked him if he could create a house that took advantage of its view to nature, and he said he could. He said he wasn’t sure what he would do until he sat down, pen in hand, and began to envision somethings that wasn’t yet there. As you’ll see by our photos, one of his solutions was to raise the roof here and there, creating dramatic walls of windows (so dramatic that the window company, Marvin, used them in a national ad campaign.).

Second, I thought the renderings themselves were pretty cool. Using a computer program that builds a model of the new space, Twohy can give clients views of whatever they want. What’s the view of the dining room from the kitchen? Here you go. What do I see if I’m sitting in my favorite chair by the window. Ta da! The images pop up like magic.

We hope you enjoy our story on the real-life results of Twohy’s vision. The home is now an inspiring mix of modern design and bucolic beauty and an achievement in bringing the outside in.

We hope it inspires you to pursue your own renovations, whether you go the architect route or are inclined to do it yourself.

Catherine Mallette

For details about the full article on Jonathan and Valerie’s home, check out “Bringing the Outside In” in our Press section.

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