Is this a New Peregrine Falcon?

In June of 2018 I moved my office to Towson, MD to be more centrally accessible to my clients for in-person meetings. Just inside the 695 Beltway that rings Baltimore, I could also easily get to jobsites in Northern Maryland, the Chesapeake Bay, and the Western farm country. It wasn’t long before unpacking in the new space, that I came to meet and become fascinated with what I would discover was a Peregrine Falcon.

Over the intervening years, I saw a lot of majesty on display as Fiona, the name I gave her, would come to the ledge. I saw the precision landings, the sheer power of the take-offs and the span of her wings, and of course, the real carnage of feathers and disemboweled creates found on the ledge. Today, I received what may be a new visitor. I confess that although I have had this first-hand observation of the daily life of a Peregrine Falcon, I am not an expert. The feather patterns look different on this bird to the ones I’ve become familiar with.

Could this be a new bird?