Using Virtual Reality to Rule Out Design Ideas

Virtual Reality is an indispensable part of the design process. One of many examples to illustrate the point is our journey with the courtyard at Floyd and Linda’s home. One of the goals the family started with was to make the Courtyard a huge part of the interior design of their home. We reviewed several design options. For context, we had quickly decided on an all white home. We painted the existing brick white, used modern white Shaker panels for the rest of the exterior walls, and black windows throughout. We wondered about painting the entire Courtyard black. Sounds excellent. Ying and Yang. I put the idea into Virtual Reality and we all said no at the same time! Excellent idea, but it completely did not work. Virtual Reality can not only confirm great ideas, but it can also steer you away from ideas that don’t work. A balance of white and black was the answer we found. We made the ground black with varying textures to create depth (about 2/3 exterior black tile and the rest smooth black river rock) with a cylindrical black fire pit in the middle.

Bathroom renovation to create high-style modern aesthetic

View to the courtyard through the ensuite bathroom

The Courtyard design is clean, modern and simple without coming close to simplistic. Now, when you enter the home you look right into–and ultimately through the Courtyard’s glass walls on all 4 sides. You see into the Family Room, and beyond to the backyard through the massive wall of glass; on your left is the Courtyard. You are probably already starting to understand that the new home is absolutely a study in light! Light comes in from everywhere!

In the evening Linda and Floyd light the fire in the fire pit in the Courtyard, the perfect place to read bedtime stories to children on a mild spring or fall evening. And then where better to enjoy a glass of wine after the kids have gone to bed? It makes me so happy to see that Linda and Floyd’s vision–every important element has been addressed. Every need was met and we exceeded expectations on every dream. Ultimately their ability to see potential when everyone else simply saw ugliness led directly to living in their perfectly planned, light filled, and beautifully detailed dream home.