“Modern Meets Mid-Century,” Baltimore Magazine

Andrea and Ken’s mid-century home in Pikesville, MD with it’s stunning make-over and update was featured in Baltimore Magazine in March 2016. The neighborhood off Stevenson Road, was designed and built by developer Gordon E. Sugar starting in the 1940s through the 1960s.

As with all clients, Peter collaborated heavily with Andrea on all aspects of the home. Andrea who had previously designed their last home and is an artist herself, was integral part of the project. As Peter states in the article:

“We had a very unique relationship. Every client dictates what happens aesthetically, but she was much more than that. The interior designer on this project was [Andrea]. [She] selected every single color.”

This article was written by Rebecca Kirkman with incredible photography by Vince Lupo. Below are images of the magazine pages. Click on the article pages for a larger view.


Read the full article in Baltimore, March 2016

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