It’s Hard to Imagine Home Design Getting Much Better…

For this month’s One from 2e readers we are sharing the design for a custom new home in Northern Baltimore–the Stone House. It has been exactingly designed for our clients–they wanted a home that suited their lifestyle and interests and had designated hobby spaces and room for family past times like game night. The video shows a 3D floorplan tour just like what our clients are interacting with to explore the design of their new home. The only difference is that when you are reviewing the home design yourself, you donwload a free app onto your tablet. Clients are then able to self-direct their tour and pan and zoom through the design. All of this is done at their leisure, at the pace they are comfortable with to explore all the details of every room and examine every nook.

In the past, or even now if you work with another architecture firm, a home like this one that is so intricately designed would have been hard for the client to really understand the specifics. The reason for this is that typical architectural drawings just aren’t good for communicating a high level of detail and they can be hard to interpret. It was exactly this reason that over 10 years ago my firm began to explore more technology-aided architectural design. We saw smart, intelligent, educated clients struggle with the flat 2D drawings. We knew it would be worth all the extra effort if we could just bridge the learning gap with clients. So as many of you know, we first began by offering 3D renderings of homes. These proved to be so valuable we began to offer an unlimited number of renderings. We wanted our clients to be able to see every and all angles they needed to. Then in 2018 and 2019 we advanced the technology even further. First with photo realistic renderings that built off of the 3D with near picture-perfect quality. We then catapulted our firm into a stratosphere no other Baltimore area architects are in, we began creating virtual reality home tours. Not only do you feel like you are inside of the home walking from room to room, but you also have the ability to do a pan-out fly through as seen in this video above. Because virtual reality tours are self-directed, our clients can fully immerse themselves in the design giving them a keen understanding and the ability to ask questions and then confer with us about tweaking things they see they would like to change.

  • Do you want to see how the house will flow from the outside in? No problem, virtual reality is the answer.
  • Want to see if the powder room is conveniently located, but still private? No problem, virtual reality is the answer.
  • Want to see if the kitchen island is large enough? No problem, virtual reality is the answer.

Want the best architect designed home that meets all of your needs and surpasses even your wildest dreams? No problem, virtual reality is the answer.

View more information about The Stone House as featured in he February 2020, One from 2e.