This month for our One from 2e readers we are sharing the concept design for Sandi and Brian’s new country home.

We are in the early stages of the design process; beginning as we always do with the front elevation. It’s important to get this perspective right as it’s the one you’ll see everyday when you come home. It’s also the first impression and the welcome mat to family and guests. Located in the Maryland countryside, the design is traditional, but intentional with modern massings and clean lines that enhance the front elevation. A play on symmetries on the front facade adds depth and richness. Mixed materials in the roofing with traditional shingles and a metal roof over the breezeway create visual interest; along with the cedar shakes on the front porch.

Land-use planning is key with any home design. Consider the design of Sandi and Brian’s new home. Turn off the main road and you begin your approach down the long, gently curving drive. You pass trees and foliage and a sense of calm begins to wash over you. You near closer and a great lawn opens up. You have your first views of the home and you know it’s going to be something special.

Determining where to position the home, however, isn’t just about what it looks like coming up the drive. This also determines the effects of sunlight throughout the day within the interior spaces. Fans of One from 2e know that the 2e Design Approach considers that what happens on the exterior impacts the feel of the interior. This is why in our Virtual Realty videos we always simulate a days worth of sunlight, but in just a few seconds.

We are happy to report that after putting on the VR goggles and trying out the vivid world of their built home, Sandi and Brian are elated about really getting to see their home. They felt like they understood better some of the earlier design choices we discussed that had been implemented in the concept video and wanted to make some changes. This is a good reaction. We always advocate that now is the time for these changes and are grateful to use VR with our clients to discover these things early on. For example, with a few tweaks like changing the paint color in our program, we can show Sandi and Brian the difference in the choices. Now isn’t that a lot easier than repainting?