For our One from 2e readers we are sharing a virtual reality video of the exterior of Carol and Jack’s new seaside cottage home.

We’re sharing this video because it literally illuminates one of the many amazing benefits of using virtual reality when designing homes. In this video we show the exterior of the home through various times of the day and early evening and during different seasons and how the light changes the character of the home. For example, we show what the home will be like in the late afternoon hours and what it will be like when welcoming guests onto the front porch. Curious where the afternoon shade will be in the harshest sun of mid-day in the Summer? This virtual reality video captures not only the shade, but how the glow of the bright sun will change how the shingle material on the exterior looks.

We were working on the design for this home in 2019 and are now under construction with a completition date of later this year. Although construction has been delayed due to the Coronavirus, once things get ‘back to normal,” we’ll have a more clear update on the build schedule.