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Custom Residential Design

New Homes, Whole House Remodels and Major Additions

Welcome to 2e Architects, home of residential design services for Baltimore/Annapolis homeowners. Your dream home, only better than you ever imagined it could be. A successful construction or renovation project results from not only superior design but superior communication as well. The first thing you’ll notice about working with 2e Architects is the number of questions you’ll be asked about your project. My job is to ask the questions you might not think of … and then ask some more. From there, I’ll develop floor plans and then 3-D drawings so you can see exactly what your dream home will look like. That’s how you’ll end up with a result that exceeds your highest expectations.

My favorite quote from a client as we walked through her brand new home was, “I never knew that my dream home was this nice!” Take a few moments to browse the Portfolio of new homes, kitchen projects, baths, additions, whole-house renovations, and more. Make some notes about what you like … and then Contact me so we can ask each other some questions. I look forward to working together.

Selecting the Right Architect For Your Luxury Home

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Your dream home, only better than you ever

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Net Zero design – a home that creates over a year ALL the energy it will need – is not new. Net Zero Homes from yesteryear, which frankly more resemble machines that humans could conceivably live within, forgot the “Home” part of Net-Zero Home. Our design always focuses first on comfort, flow, livability because the latest technology has made the Net Zero goal much easier to achieve. Click this link to see a Net-Zero home that we designed for Judy and Craig.


Remodeling and Home Design Remodeling and Home Design Remodeling and Home Design
Remodeling and Home Design Remodeling and Home Design Remodeling and Home Design
Remodeling and Home Design Remodeling and Home Design Peter Twohy in Towson, MD on Houzz



Peter is wonderful to work with. He takes your vision and makes it a reality. His years of experience are evident in his designs and he offers many options from which to choose. He works closely with you and will give you his personal opinion of what works well and no so well. He provides assistance and support when needed, but is not over-bearing. Peter has done a 4 story addition, a kitchen remodel and is getting is ready to start on a pool house for our family. We highly recommend 2e Architects for any project.

Corrie and Billy

Peter Twohy of 2e architects was engaged to transform a 33 year old ranch, situated on a large wooded lot, into a contemporary and timeless home that merged the setting with the interior. Peter succeeded in getting to know our preferences, priorities and esthetic and in translating our ideas into reality. This was our first experience working with an architect, and we felt that Peter was welcoming of new ideas and open to differences of opinion but also appropriately directive when he believed we were making a mistake. He was effective in helping the builder and engineer work as a team and to keep the project (mostly) within budget. The result was a home and an experience that far exceeded our expectations.

Valerie and Jonathan

We searched for several years to find someone who really understood what we were trying to do with our renovation. Actually, I think he understood what was needed even before we did. Peter really listened. Then he was able to create several beautiful options for our family using his expertise and artistry. He was on top of the entire project when it was underway. The contractor worked directly with Peter to make certain that the finished product was as we envisioned…no…better. Our project’s been done for more than a year and still, I have to stop and stare. Peter is top notch. We are honored to know him.

Laura and Dan

For us, the main advantage to working with Peter is that he LISTENS. And he doesn’t just listen long enough to convince you of his own ideas, but instead listens to what you want from your home, how you plan to use it, and then incorporates that into his many ideas. He sketched idea after idea because while he has the vision to see how it would look to reconfigure two bathrooms and a laundry room, we definitely needed pictures! Even the ideas we discarded with Peter were better than ideas we could come up with on our own.

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Our house was a dark 1960’s relic when we started and now it is a mid century modern with natural light and livability. We made major improvements in the flow by removing walls and widening doorways in the living areas, and moving walls so that we could divide the bedrooms and bathrooms in a way that made sense for us now. For example, we wanted to add a tub to one bathroom and a shower to another, so after many ideas were discussed, we took a closet from an adjoining bedroom (and rebuilt another closet in there), and moved the sink in the laundry room to give us the extra space in both bathrooms. That was a scenario we couldn’t have developed on our own. In another example, we were concerned that the pillars we used to replace the wall to our dining room would appear to be in the middle of our hallway. This was simply something we could not picture until it was done. Fortunately, it was exactly the value that Peter was able to bring… the ability to visualize what major structural changes, and this one in particular, would look and feel like as you moved through the house.

What surprised us most was the value of using an architect in a renovation project. By eliminating unworkable ideas that initially sounded viable to us, or by supplying ideas that would not have occurred to us, we saved significant rework costs from the trial-and-error approach with just a contractor.

Laura and Ted

My husband and I did a remodel of our first floor. Peter was great guiding us every step of the way and all the while encouraging us to remain true to our dream! He was infinitely patient as we took a few turns on the design side but in the end, it was worth it. As Peter would say “You got here (what you really wanted) because you took the detours and discovered what really worked for you”. From concept, drawings, contractor selections, construction and finally project completion, Peter was there reassuring us with his presence that all would turn out well. The project was completed within the original projected time frame and we absolutely love the finished product!

I would highly recommend 2e Architects for your project. Peter will provide professional services but will care about the project as if it was his own home.

Barb and Frank

My wife and I hired Peter to re-design our house on the Sassafras River. The re-design included an entirely new second floor as well as a total remodeling of the first floor. Completing this project was more difficult than might ordinarily be the case because of zoning and critical area regulations and my wife’s disability. Not only was the design spectacular, but Peter was of great assistance in helping us comply with those regulations, choose a contractor and resolving the unforseen problems that are part of any major renovation. The end result: a beautiful weekend home that was delivered on time and within budget.

Jeff and Janice


2e Architects offers architectural services for the design and construction of custom “one of a kind” new homes, renovations and additions. Every design is an original creation tailored to the unique needs and goals of each client. We work extensively with 3D Renderings to ensure that our clients completely understand and experience the design of their homes before the start of construction. 3D Renderings enable clients to better visualize the look and feel of their future home than is possible with typical architectural drawings. With this more complete information my clients continually make better, more personnel decisions for their homes.


Nothing is more exciting than creating a new project for your business or personal life, and choosing the right architect and contractor are both very important decisions. It is also crucial that you are fully prepared for your design project.

You may be wondering: where do I start?

We have prepared these free guides to help you get your project started on the right foot. Click the button below to view the guides.